Saturday, February 28, 2009

Thats what friends are for.

This is a thread out of the ordinary for me.I guess you can say I'm pretty emotional (don't worry I'm okay) but I'm sitting here fully club clothed, hair done, make up flawless...fighting back tears.

Now I had a pretty rough week. I feel like everybody has been pushing me and I'm on the edge. It was just one of those weeks where you feel a little defeated.

Anyways to get to the point one of my best friends had a birthday last week and couldn't celebrate then because of an illness. Now LAST week I was in party mode. THIS week not so much.however she said she was throwing a gathering tonite and of course I'm gonna show love.

Now the unexpected happened and she actually lost her grandmother yesterday...and wanted to still get together and go out just to get her mind off of things...and of course I said yes, that's what friends are for.

She then hands me a present wrapped ingift wrap. Immediately I kind of figure its a picture frame but I had no idea what was inside: a collage of us two over the years and a very special heartfelt note. I burst into tears. Honestly after the week I had, that was just what I needed. And That is what friends are for.


Friday, February 27, 2009

Is food the New Sex???

So I'm bored at work reading the local Newspaper when I come across an article which was not at all interesting once began to read in depth, but the topic really sparked my interest.

Question: Is food the new SEX?

Are we now in a world where you are more likely to be condemned by your caloric intake then by the number of guys you sleep with?

I am by no means justifying that one gets judged by either, I could personally care less about how much someone eats or by who they sleep with....BUT it seems since obesity has been on the rise, people are less likely to look down on "sluts" and more likely to have their noses turned up to the um "larger" people.

Soooo my personal opinions are the following:
1. Since Obesity is on the rise....and so is a nation full of narcissitic wanna be perfectionists, people are more likely to condemn another over shallow reasons like weight.

2. Since we are becoming a more Sexually Liberated country, the condemnation of sex, premarital in particular is becoming less and less important...unless you're Gay. Whole other subject.

3. Not blaming MTV but I'm just gonna use them to generalize all tv networks.... We are in the MTV generation, which shows and glorifies sex, girls kissing girls on tv and just overall sluttiness...but how many big girls do we see??? Lesson: is okay to be slutty trash...just be attractive and fit.

Okay guys I'm sure there's more but I guess I should get back to doing actual work.

As always if u have more, feel free to leave a comment.

The one and only

Thursday, February 26, 2009

How to REALLY lose a guy in ten days (or less)

Something recently made me think of the movie "How to lose a guy in ten days" I didn't see the movie but I know one thing: he ended up falling for her...which meant whatever her rules were, wasn't

I'm here to bring you ladies the REAL way to guarantee that no sensible Ninja will ever really be with you. I guess doing these lists are my thing, so here goes another one....

How to REALLY lose a guy in ten days (or less)

1.Text and call him at LEAST 7 hour!

2.Send him "I miss you's" and "thinking of you's" on his facebook/myspace wall EVERYDAY

3.Laugh at ALL his jokes, agree with EVERYTHING he says. Conform,conform,conform

4.Don't be yourself AT ALL! Hide everything about you that makes you unique

5.Act perfectly...check mirrors every chance you get...oh and don't kiss him, it'll mess up the M.A.C

6.Sleep with him the first date....and tell him you love him

7.Check his phone, email,facebook.myspace. Question everything

8.Make sure you bring all your past relationship issues into this new one!

9.Don't accept ANY compliment. You are fat,ugly and don't deserve nice words.

10.Compare yourself to every woman out there he knows, on t.v, outside,etc.

11. Cling,cling,cling...

12. Tell him ur REAL partner number...girl just say it was four, we all have a few that don't

13. Flirt with his friends!

I'm not gonna personally try this experiment but I'm almost 100 percent sure it'll definetely get rid of any sane man out there. As always feel free to add on.

I'm back B*tches

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


u seen bow wow new video?
baby (he) can get it all

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Prototype

The other day a friend of mine had a status referring to throwback Outkast song, "Prototype", that got me thinking.....

My Prototype: tall, dark, handsome, funny, streetsmart and booksmart, goal oriented, and FLY

Now that I found him, I don't know what to do

I think about this and wonder why? I have been talking to this guy for a while now, let's call him "Prototype", he is my prototype to the T and some, but there's something about him that makes me apprehensive about taking things further and really opening up. For a while I thought it was because I was scared to eventually be rejected by him, but now I'm seeing thats not the case (he's feeling your girl lol)

Thanks to the situation of a friend, I've come to realize that I don't want him because he symbolizes the end--If he and I became a couple there would be no reason we shouldn't get married and have a bunch of gorgeous babies by all the typical standards, but I don't want that at this point in my life. And if I get with him and it doesn't work, I'm pretty sure I'll never find anyone who's a better "package" and I'll be walking down the aisle in 10 years thinking about how I could have had "prototype" instead. 

Now I know these thoughts are EXTREMELY preemptive, but this is what women do, we over analyze things, and it makes perfect sense to me.

So in this situation what am I supposed to do, take a shot at a good thing and settle down, or regret it later on?

thats what she said 

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Monday, February 23, 2009

I'm the best thing that ever happened to you

Ladies, I want to conduct an experiment.

Background:  I met this guy in December and he seems pretty cool. But i never paid him much attention until now. I knew that he had a nice car and a job..and he was decent looking from what I can remember. But, I started becoming interested in him when I finally accepted his friend request on MySpace. I went through his page, pictures, and videos. Even though he was still decent looking, I realized he was some hood ni**a who never left his six block radius. I usually try to stay away from the hood tyoes now because I always end up finding the crazy ones. Two of them ended up in jail for attempted murder. But anyway, he had the usual pictures and videos of him counting his money and showing off his jewelry. Now this may be the "bird" in me and/or "gold-digger" (Pick which ever one you find applicable), but I decided to enhance communication with this guy and upgrade from text messages to phone calls. After a couple of phone calls, I figured that he was a really nice and funny.  I decided to give him some of my time. Anyway, i don't want him for his money. 'Cuz I have my own. But it wouldn't hurt to spend someone else's for a change.

Objective: This study will examine how to make a guy realize that you are the best thing to ever happen to him.

Hypothesis: By broadening his horizons, eliminating his insecurities, and doing stuff for him that no other girl has ever done for him, you will make him think that you are the best thing to ever happen to him. 

Methods: Like I said, this is some hood n***a who never left his six block radius. But he does look like he has potential to be upgraded. After talking to him, I found out that our b-days were 2 days apart. I told him that I would take him out to dinner for his birthday. He said " really? that would be the first!" He sounded so surprise. "Well thats because you talk to birds." He said that I sounded like a keeper. (+1). Anyway, I told him I would take him somewhere chic...some good authentic Japanese Habachi place or some french bistro. I realized I had to introduce him to something classy-something no one has ever probably done for him. 

Analysis: By spending money on him first, he probably wouldn't assume that you are a gold digger. Actually, he will think you are a generous person. As a result, he wouldn't mind spoiling you cuz he thinks you would do it for him and you are unlike the other bird heads that he talks to. 

Results: Well this is an on going study and once I find some more hood ni***as, this will become a cross sectional study. Stay tuned....Well thats what she said...

-Samantha Jones



i walk out house, sleepy eyed, sweats, gym sneakers, and a juicy laptop case (hey something had to be fly)
as i go to lock my door....
i suddenly trip over my step
fall into the bush next to my door
the bush is not sturdy; so of course my head eventually went in
and i ended up on my knees and elbows
sooo as i look up
i see this Asian guy and his daughter (she couldnt be no older than 3)
he 's asks me n his strong accent "ARE YOU OKAY"




Sunday, February 22, 2009

Seasons Change

"They say people live their life in seasons and everything that happens is for a reason"- Kanye West

As the end of this brutal winter slowly begins to wrap up, I ponder about seasons life that is.

In my attempts to change for the "better",I really try to have the Seasons mentality...and I find that it really helps me put things in perspective.

For example, when a friendship ends, it is easier to cope witht the loss once you realize that that person was there for a season. The thing to do after that realization is to think of all the things you learned from that person. Good or bad,everything that came from that situation is beneficial to your future, because now you know what to do and what not to do next time.

A brief example of this seasons theory is an old roomate of mines. I'm not going to get into the details or backround of that person, but let's just say I learned a lot about myself after the friendship ended. I found a few strengths and weeknesses of my own in which I had to confront myself with. if I could relive my life and change things I wouldn't because these are the types of things that shape who we are. And for that person its easier to remember the worse things about her but at some point in time she was a big part of my life and I can look back and laugh at the good times and then turn around and appreciate my own self growth.

So to finish the entry with a little knowledge, just want u guys to try to put things into a "seasons" perspective, it really helps getting over negative things in life and especially when relationships end.

I truly believe that every person in my life has significant purpose.-thats what she said

The one and only

I'm Not from BK, but this goes hard

This part goes hard:
My girl Angie can't be a groupie or whore
She bout gettin money in her juicy couture
Do she get bored with the Gucci of course
So the Louis she sports til it aint new anymore
Then she cop another one makin hoes gettin madder
Gettin more money so the price don't matter
Ain't seen her in a minute know her ass got fatter
And if you think she bad then her friends are way badder

And this part reminds me of Shana which is funny lol:
I gotta friend named Shayna
She like Bill Bellamy and how to be a player
Shorty is a player can't nobody play her
Can't nobody game her cause she aint a gamer
Baby girl ballin kinda like the Lakers
If you would trade her like Shaq then see ya later
Player she do it so easy it's kinda like a layup
She could lay up wit your boy wit no make up

thats what she said