Thursday, February 19, 2009


So my bestie and I were talking about how men are really like
 dogs and women are really like

Needs the basics:
*excersize (sex)
*play (sports,video game,etc)

If they have the three, they will be loyal like a dog

*Of course men like to roam, like dogs do
*they can be loud and obnoxious
* can be

Now Women & cats....

* cats are are some women
*cats are territorial

If you have more similarities, leave a comment

**** oh and anyone. Who ever doubted men are like Dogs, obviously has never talked to a QUE DAWG....and got bit in the (I got love for them though)

The one and only

He's just not that into you.

"He is a man made up entirely of your excuses. And the minute you stop making excuses for him, he will completely disappear from your life"- Greg Behrendt. 

As the title says, this post is a little informational on how to tell if he's just not that into you. I had a loooong discussion with my best friend Dishaun and he had a lot to say about it. Notice how some signs are universal and crosses the gender line. But ladies realize the quote above is absolutely essential to you sanity and discovering when its time to let it go.

What I'm saying is the excuses will keep you where your at: in a half assed relationship thingy that you can't even define. And that sucks, I k now from personal and recent experience. Let's make 2009 the year when he IS not only a little bit into us, but he has to be "all in".lol. Something my best friend said last night that struck a chord with me is "you shouldn't be talking to somebody and wondering if they like you". Which is so true. As advanced as I thought my game was, I realized I gotta lot of learning to do as far as men go.anyways enough with my yappin, here's the list:

He's just not that into you if:
1.He doesn't call/text promptly (universal sign)

2.You only here from him at 2am and NEVER in the are a booty call, honey let it go (but sometimes a girl need a booty call if its just that, get it girl...just don't catch feelings)

3.If he likes you, he'll make time for you (no matter how busy he is, stop making excuses for him)

4.Mainly for New Haven if he goes to jail and then is suddenly interested in you, he he using you!!!!! He's probably writitng

5.If he doesn't pay for dates (like everytine you go out). He's not that into I mean,dang. (Girl you can do better)

6.If he compliments your looks, body,sex,etc ONLY...he is attracted to you sexually, but if he can't notice your mind, your style,etc then he's into you physically....but not THAT into you.(Again don't settle for that)

7.If he bags you in front of his friends (say at a party), if he doesn't pull you over privately to the side, he already started off wrong and is not THAT into you.

8.If he has tried to talk to you...and all your friends at some point, he's not THAT into you....he's a thirsty

9.If he doesn't introduce you to ANYONE close to him (friends,family) he's not that into you hun.sorry.

10.If you are genetically gifted ( like the that's what she said and he wants to take you out only at events where he'll be seen with a beautiful lady...he's just showing you off, he's attracted to you but not INTO you.

****I know there's more, as always feel free to ADD on*****

Lesson to learn:

"Don't give him the chance to reject you again"-Greg Behrendt

Ladies, I really hope we get it together and realize that we are worth and DESERVE so much more than what we've benn getting. Look for the clues and listen to your instincts, because I truly believe that we know when something isn't right. Don't go against you instinct. Let's set our standards higher...and not settle. Find someone who is THAT into you and I guarantee you won't go back to the half ass men out there.In the words of the lovely Keyshia Cole : if he aint gonna love you the way he should, then let it go.Amen to that -thats what she said

-the one and only

Cheerleader Friend!

I dont know if this is bad or not but im extrememly over protective of my friends!!! If you hurt their feelings to the point that im affected by it, I feel the need to give my two cents and but in .......

I also have the tendency to grow fond of my friends' significant other if I think they are good for eachother! I become the other person's cheerleader and make sure that my friend knows when he or she does something out of pocket!! But sometimes I may take the cheerleading and advocating a bit to far.....

So my Friend we will call her Jane has an on again off again relationship with Joe. Joe did something out of pocket but nothing drastic
, just a little inconsiderate and annoying. So Jane erases his number (she doesnt know it by heart because its a new number) I decided that I will text it to her, email her with the number as the subject, and put it on sticky notes around her bed, I even took a picture of the number and sent its a picture mail text!!!! Extreme but really funny at the time

I love when my friends are happy even if im not because happiness is contagious, so if you make my friend happy you are ok in my book, but please dont cross me because my cheerleading (back flips and high kicks) will turn into scorn and boo'ing.

Thats what she said......

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


This is a public service announcement!!!!!!!

Ladies it is NOT ok to wear white pumps!!!!!

It is NOT ok to wear pumps that are white!!!!

White pumps should NOT be worn!!!!

I dont know how else to say it. So ladies make sure your friends obey this rule and fellas if your lady attempts to pull this crap leave her home!!!!!

Thats what she said

-Knew Knew!

Wanna be all you want...

Contrary to what some people think, we don't always bash dudes.
Even though we can't stand them at times and maybe wished they acted like they had some sense... At the end of the day we still have love for them

This song is amazing, I love it

Sent From Heaven

One thing a lot of people don't know about me (I am very private) is that I am very spiritual person. I pray every night and I believe in angels, miracles and everything good God blesses us with.

So with that being said, I've been praying for a few specific things and weird things have been occurring.

I'm wondering if these are signs from God or if because is this my own mind creating something out of nothing.

Example one: so I asked for a "sign" about this one person. This person has a unique name. I live around the corner from a street that is almost exactly his full name ( ex: say ur name is jennifer anniston, the street name was and if that is not enough they renamed a street (didn't know they could do that) into his first name the other day. I almost crashd my friggin car to make sure what I was seeing was real. So literally there are two signs with his name up that a "sign" from God that he is or will be of significance to me in the future.

Also with a few other people there has been "coincidences" that defy a few odds.

I don't know what to make of it...not sure if its nothing or if its everything. Stay tuned and you guys can find out with me.

The One and Only

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

All my CRAZY ladies All my CRAZY ladies....

Angry Black Women.......who made us this way? The damn ninjas!!!!

behind every crazy female there is a male that made her that way and behind every sucessful man is a woman who helped him get there!!!!!

the things BOYS need to understand is your not smarter then us. Here is an example, a bit extreme but true!!!!

I know a female who obtained her boyfriends passcode for his answering machine on his phone by simply sitting next to him as he checked them and listened to the sound the bottons made as he dialed them (keep in mind this was years ago, this probably wont work on the new gadgets they call phones). After hearing the sounds the buttons made a couple times. Then she used the sounds the resignated in her head to find what the code was. And guess what she got it!!!!

Thats what she said ladies

-Knew Knew!!!!

Hair Chronicles pt. II

Weekend Update: 
I also saw my "lil thing thing"  this weekend...and he didn't upset me as much as I thought he would. When I opened the passenger seat door, he had a stuffed animal with a chocolate wrapped around the neck sitting in my seat with a card. Awwww how sweet. :) Oh...but that wont make me forget that ninja still aint sh*t. But back to the point, below, is another example illustrating how guys are stupid and do not pay attention to details (following Queen Bee's previous post about hair) 

Hair Chronicles II: 

Idiot: "Yo is that all your hair?"
Me: "Are you serious?"
Idiot: I am. Is that really all your hair? (With confused and dumb look on his face) 
Me: We have been "talking" since October and its February..and you are just asking if my hair is real...are you kidding me? I always ask you how it looks.
Idiot: I always thought it was fake thats why I never paid you any attention when you asked. Wow. I never knew that. (The Idiot then searches my head looking for tracks that I just told him did not exist.) Where is the fake hair?
Me: There is none, you idiot. 
Idiot: You sure..this can't be true. 
Me: Why not?
Idiot: 'Cuz you're black
Me: (blank stare of disgust...) 
Idiot: How did you get the hair engrained in your scalp?
Me: goodnight. 

This is a prime example of how guys are stupid. It makes you wonder, why do we spend so much money on trying to make our hair look nice, wear makeup,  lose weight, or do anything because he  probably wont notice until six months later. However, it does not matter when he realizes that you made some changes to yourself.  You didn't do it for him anyway...thats what she said. 


InSpEcTaR GaDgEt!!!

Why do females feel the need to dig, search, and investigate everything?!?! hhhmmm because nInJaS are triffling!!!  Theres a difference between an insecure and jealous female and one who is exploring her female intuition.  Meaning females always have some kind of inclination when something is not right or something is off, and to ignore this inclination is a complete and utter destructive cycle.  Therefore, it is acceptable to turn into the 1999 cartoon, INSPECTOR GADGET......who has bionic gadgets built into is anatomy!

Unfortunately we are not equipped in the same aspect but we are extremely technology savvy! We have Facebook, by this I mean having access to the significant other's account using there password, that was retrieved using various inspector tactics, hehehehe.  If facebook fails, you always have their call log that you can retrieve from the tmobile website but you do need a password for this as well (the rule for the call log: any calls after 1am and any calls that are more then 20 minutes long should be inspected further!)

If these two options fail you can always go back to the ordinary and look through the phone and the text messages.  And uumm if his inbox is empty that NINJA is TRIFFLING!  If every contact has a male then that NINJA is TRIFFLING!!  Once again this should not be on the regular, these measures should only happen when you have that FEELING!!!! yea yea yea you should trust him but trust yourself and your ability to identify bullshit!!!! And do NOT accept this response as legit: "YOU SHOULDNT BE GOING THROUGH MY PRIVATE THINGS!" (ninja please)

The process will be even more successful if you have a great memory, in order to memorize license plate numbers, ssn, account number, pin to the bank account, and bank card numbers.........(this isnt essential but could be very useful)

"go go go go go INSPECTOR GADGET!"-thats what she said

-Knew Knew!

Monday, February 16, 2009

If that boy dont love you by now....

So Ciara's song literally just gave me a chill and I think I've had an epiphany. "If that boy don't love you by now, he will never ever love you"

That is hard to hear. But the truth hurts. I am officially giving up on HIM....for now at least. That's all


Main Squeeze and More . . . Who's on your bench?

Most of us have someone who we consider our main boo, you know that one dude who makes your heart jump and your body melt. Preferably, the main boo would consider you his main chick but often times that doesn't happen. Regardless, there are times when a girl just needs something more. When your MVP ain’t on his A-game, you always have your reserves; to quote "backups for the backups".

I'm a firm believer in having someone around to fill all of your essential needs. Even though the main squeeze is the one you really wanna be with and he has most of the qualities you want in a man, you should always keep some players on the bench. Although you can have an unlimited number of reserves, you should at least have these top 3 on stand-by:

Cuddle buddy – (not to be confused with the cutty buddy!) This is the dude you can go to just to lay around with. Yall may have a few touch and feel sessions every now and then, but for the most part its real low key. He provides a lot of laughter and great entertainment. Definitely helps you pass the time!

Money Man – This dude right here is your go to man! What you want he got, and what he aint got he'll find someone who does and get it for you. He spends dough recklessly cuz he can't compete on any other level. He probably annoys you when he talks, but let him pull that wallet out and all is right in the world.

Bust it Baby aka Cutty Buddy – Now this man has got to be on point, cuz when you need just the right amount of “fixing” he is right there to help you out! He doesn’t ask questions and always gives you what you need – when you want it, however you want it. For the most part yall are cool and can go out and catch a movie together, but don’t ever get it confused, his purpose is simple: to make your body tremble.

Lately my cuddle buddy has been put to real good use. I’m not in need of a cutty buddy (yet, lol) but I most definitely need to find me a Money Man! Mama needs a shopping spree … That’s what she said.

~ Sugar, Spice & Everything Nice

Im a Barbie Girl

So maybe Im slow but I didn't know Barbie had a collection, I think its kinda fly too...

Here are some pieces from fashion week last weekend...

If you missed out, take a look at 

thats what she said

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Lol this is why i cant talk to him.

"He couldn't make me laugh even if I was laughing my ass off and he was making me do it" -Peter Griffin

Okay I'm in a silly mood but seriously if you cant make me laugh, you've got NO CHANCE IN HELL.


Sunday, February 15, 2009

I like you.....but I can live without you.

So I was just reading an article in Cosmopolitan magazine about men and bitches. Okay before you you go off in the "I'm not a bitch" mode realize I'm not calling women bitches, just the bitches (bad bitches).lol.

What it was saying is why men love bitches. There's a few things to learn from bad bitches and its this: 1. Attitude is everything, you have to have the attiude that you like him, but can live without him 2. confidence is the sexiest thing about her 3. She is not desperate,timid or insecure 4. She's bossy...but not too bossy.4. Naughty and nice ...nuff said.

I'm in NO MEANS and I mean seriously NO MEANs anything remotely close to a relationship expert, in fact I may be the opposite lol. But I do truly feel that the article was true and MEN LOVE BITCHES....are you a bad bitch?

***i don't usually type such vulgarity and excessive usage of curse words but you can't really substitute a "bad bitch"lol