Thursday, February 19, 2009

Cheerleader Friend!

I dont know if this is bad or not but im extrememly over protective of my friends!!! If you hurt their feelings to the point that im affected by it, I feel the need to give my two cents and but in .......

I also have the tendency to grow fond of my friends' significant other if I think they are good for eachother! I become the other person's cheerleader and make sure that my friend knows when he or she does something out of pocket!! But sometimes I may take the cheerleading and advocating a bit to far.....

So my Friend we will call her Jane has an on again off again relationship with Joe. Joe did something out of pocket but nothing drastic
, just a little inconsiderate and annoying. So Jane erases his number (she doesnt know it by heart because its a new number) I decided that I will text it to her, email her with the number as the subject, and put it on sticky notes around her bed, I even took a picture of the number and sent its a picture mail text!!!! Extreme but really funny at the time

I love when my friends are happy even if im not because happiness is contagious, so if you make my friend happy you are ok in my book, but please dont cross me because my cheerleading (back flips and high kicks) will turn into scorn and boo'ing.

Thats what she said......

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