Tuesday, February 17, 2009

InSpEcTaR GaDgEt!!!

Why do females feel the need to dig, search, and investigate everything?!?! hhhmmm because nInJaS are triffling!!!  Theres a difference between an insecure and jealous female and one who is exploring her female intuition.  Meaning females always have some kind of inclination when something is not right or something is off, and to ignore this inclination is a complete and utter destructive cycle.  Therefore, it is acceptable to turn into the 1999 cartoon, INSPECTOR GADGET......who has bionic gadgets built into is anatomy!

Unfortunately we are not equipped in the same aspect but we are extremely technology savvy! We have Facebook, by this I mean having access to the significant other's account using there password, that was retrieved using various inspector tactics, hehehehe.  If facebook fails, you always have their call log that you can retrieve from the tmobile website but you do need a password for this as well (the rule for the call log: any calls after 1am and any calls that are more then 20 minutes long should be inspected further!)

If these two options fail you can always go back to the ordinary and look through the phone and the text messages.  And uumm if his inbox is empty that NINJA is TRIFFLING!  If every contact has a male then that NINJA is TRIFFLING!!  Once again this should not be on the regular, these measures should only happen when you have that FEELING!!!! yea yea yea you should trust him but trust yourself and your ability to identify bullshit!!!! And do NOT accept this response as legit: "YOU SHOULDNT BE GOING THROUGH MY PRIVATE THINGS!" (ninja please)

The process will be even more successful if you have a great memory, in order to memorize license plate numbers, ssn, account number, pin to the bank account, and bank card numbers.........(this isnt essential but could be very useful)

"go go go go go INSPECTOR GADGET!"-thats what she said

-Knew Knew!

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