Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Hair Chronicles pt. II

Weekend Update: 
I also saw my "lil thing thing"  this weekend...and he didn't upset me as much as I thought he would. When I opened the passenger seat door, he had a stuffed animal with a chocolate wrapped around the neck sitting in my seat with a card. Awwww how sweet. :) Oh...but that wont make me forget that ninja still aint sh*t. But back to the point, below, is another example illustrating how guys are stupid and do not pay attention to details (following Queen Bee's previous post about hair) 

Hair Chronicles II: 

Idiot: "Yo is that all your hair?"
Me: "Are you serious?"
Idiot: I am. Is that really all your hair? (With confused and dumb look on his face) 
Me: We have been "talking" since October and its February..and you are just asking if my hair is real...are you kidding me? I always ask you how it looks.
Idiot: I always thought it was fake thats why I never paid you any attention when you asked. Wow. I never knew that. (The Idiot then searches my head looking for tracks that I just told him did not exist.) Where is the fake hair?
Me: There is none, you idiot. 
Idiot: You sure..this can't be true. 
Me: Why not?
Idiot: 'Cuz you're black
Me: (blank stare of disgust...) 
Idiot: How did you get the hair engrained in your scalp?
Me: goodnight. 

This is a prime example of how guys are stupid. It makes you wonder, why do we spend so much money on trying to make our hair look nice, wear makeup,  lose weight, or do anything because he  probably wont notice until six months later. However, it does not matter when he realizes that you made some changes to yourself.  You didn't do it for him anyway...thats what she said. 


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