Tuesday, February 17, 2009

All my CRAZY ladies All my CRAZY ladies....

Angry Black Women.......who made us this way? The damn ninjas!!!!

behind every crazy female there is a male that made her that way and behind every sucessful man is a woman who helped him get there!!!!!

the things BOYS need to understand is your not smarter then us. Here is an example, a bit extreme but true!!!!

I know a female who obtained her boyfriends passcode for his answering machine on his phone by simply sitting next to him as he checked them and listened to the sound the bottons made as he dialed them (keep in mind this was years ago, this probably wont work on the new gadgets they call phones). After hearing the sounds the buttons made a couple times. Then she used the sounds the resignated in her head to find what the code was. And guess what she got it!!!!

Thats what she said ladies

-Knew Knew!!!!

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  1. You're right men aren't smarter than women, However women aren't smarter than men either... I think people who feel that way either are to dumb to realize how smart their counter part is or just pick the dumb ones