Saturday, March 28, 2009

Sweetest Nothing

Sometimes we meet a guy
and we hope,wish,pray
That he will be Everything...
The ending promised to us
As little girls
When we learned that every story ends
With a Happily Ever After...
I was not a fairy tale girl
And yet still I CRAVE
Something deep...something sweet
But if this special something
Isn't something at all...
I'll know that this was

Just how I'm feelin

Thursday, March 26, 2009

$1500 a week though

while walking out of the car a man in a Dodge Charger rolls down his window and hands my friend a flyer. She doesn't look at the flyer until she enters the restaurant guessing it is for a party, when she does open the flyer it reads:

"NOW HIRING, MODELS, STRIPPERS, ESCORTS, and PORNSTARS, $1500/wk" with a picture of a video looking chic right in the middle 

all we could do was bust out laughing while trying to make sure the "pimp" in the car didn't see us. 

as we told the story to another friend she laughed and then with a serious face asked "$1,500 a week though" LOL get your money girl LMAO

thats what she said

I need help! I like this guy and I have no idea what to do with that, lol.
He makes me laugh, we have fun together, and things seem so simple and peaceful.
But I'm having some issues 1) I don't know what I want and 2) there's another dude!
What's a girl to do?!? lol.

So I know most people would tell me to figure out what I want first and then plan from there - well how in the hell do i do that? I want a lot, damnit I want my cake and I wanna eat it too! But obviously I can't do that.

Right now the only things I know I want are: to be happy, to have fun, to enjoy my time, and to continue trying to reach my personal goals. Where do either one of these dudes stand in that, I have no clue!

Help . . .
That's What She Said

liar liar pants on fire

Im sure this topic has been discussed b4 but i cannot resist.

. OMG......i dont g
et it aggravates me. Not to say I have never a told a lie b4 because honestly sometimes its necessary. However, there are just some lies that people can keep. I think what gets me the most is when people lie about things as if i have no way of finding out the truth. Do u take me for a fool.........i guess so. I cant help but laugh because they went thru all the trouble of lying about something that i could careless about. I find it hilarious that u think i care that much ...lmao. Fellas ......ur not smarter than us [granted there are some DUMB broads out there]. If u think u getting away wit ur lies its cus we let u or we just dont give a damn. MAN UP!!!!!! please ....there is nothing more sorry and pathetic than a dude who lies. If u gone be a pimp own that ish. If u broke just take the L and say so. There is nthn worse than a broke dude tryna fake lik he got it. If u dont want a commitment say so. If u aint really feeling her keep it real. But seriously keep it 100 a woman will respect u so much more trust me.

Im confident
that's what she said

Yours Truly

In case you haven't noticed many of the recent posts are lacking the signatures you've come to love. 

In an effort to protect the innocent, or often the guilty, we have decided to remove signatures from many of the posts.

Yours Truly,
thats what she said ladies 

Am I Superficial

Recently I was talking to some friends about a two different guys that I used to talk to in the past. Both were cute, funny, and genuinely interested in me. When my girls asked why didn't it go further with either one of them I responded, "I could never take him seriously, he's short". They looked at me with disgust and proceeded to tell me how I was superficial.

To me that statement didn't feel superficial at all. I don't have very many "musts" in the looks department for guys except the fact that they have to be tall. I mean thats not to say some shorty couldn't come sweep me off my feet, but in terms of what I'm looking for I want someone tall. 

So the question remains, is having standards in the looks department of the opposite sex superficial or is it just going after what you like? What are some standards that you won't budge on?

thats what she said

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

All this Relationship Advice!

So as I write this I am watching Tyra show (guilty pleasure) and she has Steve Harvey, this chick and these other two chicks (wow I'm really paying attention) who all have books out on Relationships.

I don't know about you all but I will NEVER spend 1 penny on a book like that...I admit it is a little intriguing to see all these theories and guidelines...but that is my BIGGEST issue.At this age I am beginning to realize that all the "rules" and "regulations" we once followed are becoming silly.

I feel like in general we do need a few of the basics which are the following: STANDARDS is the main one, I feel like if u don't set them high you'll settle for anything. COMMON SENSE is the second, its important to not let your brain get soooo focused on craving a relationship that you start doing some uncompromising things. Bottomline NEVER compromise your integrity. Also PATIENCE is a virtue! I personally feel like you shouldn't go looking for a relationship, because generally if you are focused on something it will appear...the only problemis you might find a man but most likely he'll be the WRONG one. Instead you just enjoy life and I bet when you least expect it, you'll find someone special. And because men are visual creatures appearance is important.Ladies try to look good: for YOU first and he'll def appreciate the beauty.

So I realized that what this entry first critisized is what I wrote: Relationship Advice!!!! Sue me I'm a hypocrite SO WHAT!lol at least my advice is simple, and free. But I have one last piece before I let you go and that one thing is LOVE YOURSELF!!!!! And I think you'll be OKAY :)

The One and Only
-Queen Bee