Thursday, March 26, 2009

liar liar pants on fire

Im sure this topic has been discussed b4 but i cannot resist.

. OMG......i dont g
et it aggravates me. Not to say I have never a told a lie b4 because honestly sometimes its necessary. However, there are just some lies that people can keep. I think what gets me the most is when people lie about things as if i have no way of finding out the truth. Do u take me for a fool.........i guess so. I cant help but laugh because they went thru all the trouble of lying about something that i could careless about. I find it hilarious that u think i care that much ...lmao. Fellas ......ur not smarter than us [granted there are some DUMB broads out there]. If u think u getting away wit ur lies its cus we let u or we just dont give a damn. MAN UP!!!!!! please ....there is nothing more sorry and pathetic than a dude who lies. If u gone be a pimp own that ish. If u broke just take the L and say so. There is nthn worse than a broke dude tryna fake lik he got it. If u dont want a commitment say so. If u aint really feeling her keep it real. But seriously keep it 100 a woman will respect u so much more trust me.

Im confident
that's what she said

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  1. i will never understand the mind of a liar