Thursday, March 26, 2009

I need help! I like this guy and I have no idea what to do with that, lol.
He makes me laugh, we have fun together, and things seem so simple and peaceful.
But I'm having some issues 1) I don't know what I want and 2) there's another dude!
What's a girl to do?!? lol.

So I know most people would tell me to figure out what I want first and then plan from there - well how in the hell do i do that? I want a lot, damnit I want my cake and I wanna eat it too! But obviously I can't do that.

Right now the only things I know I want are: to be happy, to have fun, to enjoy my time, and to continue trying to reach my personal goals. Where do either one of these dudes stand in that, I have no clue!

Help . . .
That's What She Said


  1. I would say to follow the wants that you've listed: to be happy, to have fun, to enjoy your time, and to continue trying to reach your personal goals. From my experience, you should definitely not let a decision between the dudes or any dude get in the way of the latter on that list. Follow the list of what you want and if one of the dudes fits in that puzzle then that's how it was suppose to be, if neither of them do then that's how it was suppose to be. Enjoy yourself.

  2. I agree with anonymous. I'm assuming you're young and I'll go on a limb and assume that you're not committed to either of the bammas therefore you can have your cake and eat it too. I think people loose track of the fact that it's their life to live and you have to do what's best for you and makes you happy, and if that's having a main youngin on one hand and a rollaton on the other so be it. Just be safe and up front with everyone involved