Thursday, March 26, 2009

Am I Superficial

Recently I was talking to some friends about a two different guys that I used to talk to in the past. Both were cute, funny, and genuinely interested in me. When my girls asked why didn't it go further with either one of them I responded, "I could never take him seriously, he's short". They looked at me with disgust and proceeded to tell me how I was superficial.

To me that statement didn't feel superficial at all. I don't have very many "musts" in the looks department for guys except the fact that they have to be tall. I mean thats not to say some shorty couldn't come sweep me off my feet, but in terms of what I'm looking for I want someone tall. 

So the question remains, is having standards in the looks department of the opposite sex superficial or is it just going after what you like? What are some standards that you won't budge on?

thats what she said

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  1. It's one thing to have standards and another thing to only see someone for their superficial qualities while neglecting their "inner beauty". With that bein said I feel like standards on looks should involve things that if that person lacks them you won't find them attractive. I personally can't budge on a women with beautiful eyes, a beautiful mind, and a sexy voice