Saturday, February 14, 2009

Confessions pt 2

I guess today I'm letting it out. The that's what she said ladies are going on vacation soon. Miami to be exact.

All I'm saying is what happen in Miami....stays in Miami
(Just like it did in

This is my CONFESSION....

"Ayo!!! Dog I meet ni99as, sleep wit ni99as....make me wanna BE A NI99a." Lol I can't take credit for that twist on Dmx's "what these b*tches want from a old friend of mines did. The thing is its true.

I have to come clean. I feel like a man. I feel like mentally I'm a man, to clear that up. Don't get it twisted I don't want the whistle and bells,lol.

For years I've been confused. I can relate to girl problems...but I really can't relate to girl problems. I feel like I handle men issues like guys handle girl issues.

But the other issue is I feel like a man who wants to be a woman! Seriously. I guess I lucked up because I do actually have a

Maybe I'm all f-d up and that's the real confession. But I feel guy mentality is simple, less confusing and complicated. I do have that one issue that I can't let go yet but everyone else is disposable.

"I don't chase em I replace em"- Jay


Friday, February 13, 2009

The Valentine Hypocrite.

She is repping "all my single ladies", when Miss independent come on, she is singing every lyric. She "don't need NO man". And she is Happy all by herself.

Why then, when Valentines day comes around is she secretly wanting....needing a man to share "love" and "happiness" together? What does she have to prove? And who does she have to prove it to?

This is what I call the Valentine Hypocrite. Seriously if you're single 364 days out of the year, why does that one day matter soooo much? Take yourself out dammit. Spend the day wining and dining yourself. You're suppose to be Miss Independent! Lol.

What I'm saying is don't stress out over this one day. Most the people celebrating aren't really happy anyways. And I don't know about you but I would rather enjoy the day when I'm REALLY happy with someone. Right now I'm just happy with myself.

The previous entry does not mean that I'll turn down a free meal/dinner/flowers...if they

...that's what she said


The Best Advice

This is the best advice I can give to anyone about giving advice.

Most of us know that when people come to us and ask for advice...they don't REALLY want it.

What they REALLY want is for you to co sign however they feel. They don't want the truth....they can't handle the truth!

And so the ONLY advice I give is this :do what you want to do. At the end of the day, that's exactly what they'll do anyways.if you learn nothing else, know that people are gonna do what they want regardless of the feedback they get.-thats what she said


Thursday, February 12, 2009

I Definitely Co-sign

So this young man has been making moves with his music around the country for a minute and personally I am a HUGE fan, but when I saw this OMG my life changed.....please please please find me a man that can sing like this and I will be OKKKKK

He is definitely on the come up and I CO-SIGN

thats what she said

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check out his myspace:

Baby Cause I'm a Thug

I tend to be a girly girl MOST of the time, but there is something about rap that just changes that in me...

Sometimes, when I am in my zone I need some "gangsta" rap to make me feel at ease....for example, something about the song "F*ck them other n*ggas, I ride for my n*ggas" REALLY puts me in a whole other state, ask Queen Bee, lol we get going when that song comes on FOR NO REASON!! That is not even my personality, but I LOVE IT, as soon as the beat drops something comes over me!! 

So right now I am "writing a paper" for my English class boppin my head to Weezy, Hov, and Pac like I'm riding on 22's through the hood, (but in actuality I'm writing about how the inequalities of the public school systems in DC effect the cities high juvenile incarceration rates..see I do real work)

Maybe thats why it has such a universal appeal, cause right now I really feel untouchable, maybe I am, who knows? 

but in the meantime "I'm a G"...even if its to no one else but myself" don't have to admit it, but I know you all do it too

Thats what she said

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009




I love the QUEENS!!!!!

Guys seriously check out "Drag Race" with RuPaul and the queens of the show.

I realize I have an unhealthy obsession with trannies and drag queens that I just can't help.

Something happens whenever I hear a "you better work" or "girl that is fiiiieeerrccee". Lol. It really makes me happy which makes me try to dig deep inside and find out why I love them so much. This is my list so far:

1.they can be as over the top as they want to be. In fact that's what's expected of them
2.They can over do it on the make up and not get criticized.
3.They work it, and the world is there runway!
4.They love glitter and color, weaves wigs and makeup just like I do.
5.They are fearless!
6. They know that at any given moment their life could be taken just because of the lifestyle they live....and yet they LIVE their life their way it.
7.Can we say 7 inch stiletto pumps?
8. They usually excel at hair,make up and good ole fashion boy advice.
9. They are divas!
10. They are overall FIERCE!!!!!

I f-ing love them. I need a queen in my

But in the mean time remember this advice:(snapping fingers) "YOU BETTER WORK!" (Covergirl, Sashay Shante)


Universal Similarities

First before I start this blog, thanks to everyone who has been hitting me up and complimenting the blog. Myself and the other ThatsWhatSheSaid Ladies really appreciate it.

The thing about this blog is that it is so relatable, and that's because its things that we all do.

Which made me think of our universal similarites that cross gender/age/race lines.

For example, we all have relationship issues, we've all felt alone at one point. We've all been played and have been the player. We've all had too much pride, we've all had not enough pride, we've been extremely insecure and have been too damn cocky at times too. We've all felt like we weren't good enough and we've felt too good for somethings. We cry sometimes for no reason and occasionally are too tough on ourselves. We've felt high and we've felt low.....and the list goes on and on and on and on.

Basically what I'm saying is every life is filled with everything. There is beauty in individuality, but there is also beauty in similarities.Universal similarities. -thats what she said


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Throwback Video: Bills, Bills,Bills

We in a recession....hook a sista
-Queen Bee

Wouldnt it be nice if.....

For some reason I was thinking about how advanced technology is today and I thought about that flash memory eraser from Men In Black. I personally would love to flash my own self and forget about a few people...if you dont remember, then it didnt happen. Well i guess all i can do now is have selective

-Queen Bee

A smile goes a long way

This is a simple post reminding everyone to smile a little more. I especially love seeing people out smiling in public for no apparent reason. It makes me happy :)
Queen Bee

True Life: Im addicted to my phone

ad·dic·tion : compulsive need for and use of a habit-forming substance (as heroin, nicotine, or alcohol)

Last week was one of the most painful moment of my the way did i mention I was a tad bit dramatic? Anyways back to my agonizing week. I'd gotten a friendly message from T mobile stating that I'd used all of my 1000 texts that I had (no im not gonna get unlimited). I was so sad. Seriously I was sad. I felt like I was missing out on so much even though I could still talk or bbm if I absolutely had to. I realized I have a problem.

Imagine if I had to go a week without my phone? I think I would go crazy. The funny thing is it's not like im getting any mindblowing texts/phone calls/bbms/emails....but i would really feel like i was missing out on something. I remember the days I didnt have a cellphone (maybe 8th grade). I know im not the only one sooooo dependent on my phone. Just letting you all know I made it thru and i finally can text again :)

Monday, February 9, 2009

Maybe A Little Conceited but That's Always Needed

I'm not saying be conceited, but a little self-confidence goes a long way. When you feel like you are beautiful you allow others to feel that same way about you. My guy friends are always telling me about insecure girls they deal with and how that insecurity turns into jealousy (which we all know kills relationships) and eventually drives them away.

Whether you are having a bad hair/skin/clothes day you better WALK like you are a million bucks and I guarantee more people will see your confidence than your flaws. The media overloads us with images of beauty but its up to you to create that image for yourself. 

For example, one thing guys HATE is when you talk about how fat you are to a guy, if you are fat they can't say "yeah you need to loose some weight" and if you're not you just come off insecure and fishing for compliments. So eat that brownie with pride when your with your boo instead of being the boring chic who only eats salads lol 

You all know you've talked to a guy who was NOT CUTE by your normal standards, but there was something about him that drew your interests and attracted you to him. Whatever that "it factor" was, was most likely reaffirmed with the confidence he had. He knew he was talking to a BAD CHICK (like yourself), and let you know that too,  but didn't let that intimidate him or throw him off his game...I like that LOL

Don't take it overboard and have an attitude about it, but remember that the way you carry yourself sets the stage for how you want other people to see WALK LIKE A BOSS GIRL!!

Thats what she said

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"I dont know your name but excuse me TRICK"

"I don't know your name but excuse me TRICK, I'll beat the shit out of you"-by far the funniest Cri-anna spoof I've heard so far

but seriously, wtf is going on when the dancing king himself has to decide to get it "poppin" on Rihanna....I never was a big Chris Brown fan but I'm pretty sure this will have detrimental effects on his career.

I know every girl says "that would never be me" but I honestly mean that. That is the ONE thing that love can't overcome in my KEEP YOUR DAMN HANDS TO YOURSELF GUYS!!


thats what she said

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for more on this and more celebrity gossip take a dose of

You Can Afford to Get Your Hair Done..

Press. Blowdry. Weave. Braids. Cornrows. Wigs..Dreads...whatever the case maybe, as a young black female, your hair care should be one of your main priorities. In that CNN special, "Black in America", one woman said "what weight is to white women, is what hair is to black women." I don't care how much money you spend,  from $20 on a wash and set to at least $250 (+100-200 for the hair) on a weave, your hair should be taken seriously. Because it is apart of your beauty.  It is apart of your outfit/look/etc. It is you because it says a lot about you and how you carry yourself. 

But this blog is not about hair. It is but it isn't. I am a very curious black girl trying to understand why other black girls who have crazy guap run around my campus looking crazy. I go to a very elite university filled with a lot of people of color with a lot of money. And one thing that I will never understand is why these girls who have thousands and even millions of dollars walk around this campus like they never heard of a comb, perm, chi flat iron, conditioner, grease, hair spritz, cellophane (rinse), scissors, or anything else hair related. There is no reason why you hair should be looking rough like that when you have the money to spend to get it done. Especially, if you are not a cute girl. To be honest, I am disgusted. 

This is not an attack to all girls. Just the ones with money who can afford a good press and curl biweekly. Even if you do not want to spend the money, invest in some good health care products and supplies and learn how to do it yourself instead of going outside looking crazy. Beautiful hair is not about "good" or "bad" hair (which both does not exist), but about healthy, luxurious, bouncy hair that moves when you move. The beautiful thing about our black hair is that we have the options, unlike any other race, to achieve versatility with our hair (we can basically make it look anyway we want). So be bold, be beautiful, and go get your gotdamn hair done. 

Note: also just cuz you spend guap on that weave...also doesn't mean your hair looks good...well, THATS WHAT SHE SAID...


Sunday, February 8, 2009

Guess What

Ladies, after an amazing weekend I have come to the conlusion.

There are a few good men left.

More to come.....-thats what she said ladies

Yours Truly,

going once, going twice.....SOLD!

In 2009 selling yourself is not such a bad thing.......wait wait, let me explain. Its called a date auction and all the proceeds go to charity (vwa Ayiti to be exact!). This is how it works: you walk down the run way attempting to execute the naomi campbell walk that you perfected days in advance, as you make your way to the front the glares of prospective buyers/bidders/ and admirers increase! As the song of your choose plays low in the back ground the host reads random facts about you that makes you even more appealing to the audience! The spectators (the audience, including myself) looked to examine you attire and hair do's/dont's (some people just did not make the cut, like where were your friends when you decided that was an acceptable outfit to wear to this event!)
The date auction was not a place for people with low self esteem, insecure personalities, and males who's egos are bigger then their wallet (confidence was key). Its also key to note that anxiety increased once the hot commodities on campus went for a low purchasing price, at that time everyone knew to up their game (go HARD or go HOME!)......At that point the themes for the night became:"drop and give me fifty" (50 dollars that is!), "dont be suprised if she ask where the cash at?!?", and "you can have whatever you like!"
Some acts caused laughter, others made you want to rescue them from the herendous outfit, others made you think aaawww how cute, some were entertaining, and some were bubble busters, ego poppers, and self esteem droppers! Well this was a great way to kill two birds with one stone, claiming your property and donating to charity! If anyone is ever questioned about their actions and or purchasers the best and only response should be: it was for charity!!!!!
well THATS WHAT SHE SAID........
Knew Knew!