Sunday, February 8, 2009

going once, going twice.....SOLD!

In 2009 selling yourself is not such a bad thing.......wait wait, let me explain. Its called a date auction and all the proceeds go to charity (vwa Ayiti to be exact!). This is how it works: you walk down the run way attempting to execute the naomi campbell walk that you perfected days in advance, as you make your way to the front the glares of prospective buyers/bidders/ and admirers increase! As the song of your choose plays low in the back ground the host reads random facts about you that makes you even more appealing to the audience! The spectators (the audience, including myself) looked to examine you attire and hair do's/dont's (some people just did not make the cut, like where were your friends when you decided that was an acceptable outfit to wear to this event!)
The date auction was not a place for people with low self esteem, insecure personalities, and males who's egos are bigger then their wallet (confidence was key). Its also key to note that anxiety increased once the hot commodities on campus went for a low purchasing price, at that time everyone knew to up their game (go HARD or go HOME!)......At that point the themes for the night became:"drop and give me fifty" (50 dollars that is!), "dont be suprised if she ask where the cash at?!?", and "you can have whatever you like!"
Some acts caused laughter, others made you want to rescue them from the herendous outfit, others made you think aaawww how cute, some were entertaining, and some were bubble busters, ego poppers, and self esteem droppers! Well this was a great way to kill two birds with one stone, claiming your property and donating to charity! If anyone is ever questioned about their actions and or purchasers the best and only response should be: it was for charity!!!!!
well THATS WHAT SHE SAID........
Knew Knew!

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