Saturday, February 14, 2009

This is my CONFESSION....

"Ayo!!! Dog I meet ni99as, sleep wit ni99as....make me wanna BE A NI99a." Lol I can't take credit for that twist on Dmx's "what these b*tches want from a old friend of mines did. The thing is its true.

I have to come clean. I feel like a man. I feel like mentally I'm a man, to clear that up. Don't get it twisted I don't want the whistle and bells,lol.

For years I've been confused. I can relate to girl problems...but I really can't relate to girl problems. I feel like I handle men issues like guys handle girl issues.

But the other issue is I feel like a man who wants to be a woman! Seriously. I guess I lucked up because I do actually have a

Maybe I'm all f-d up and that's the real confession. But I feel guy mentality is simple, less confusing and complicated. I do have that one issue that I can't let go yet but everyone else is disposable.

"I don't chase em I replace em"- Jay


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