Monday, February 9, 2009

You Can Afford to Get Your Hair Done..

Press. Blowdry. Weave. Braids. Cornrows. Wigs..Dreads...whatever the case maybe, as a young black female, your hair care should be one of your main priorities. In that CNN special, "Black in America", one woman said "what weight is to white women, is what hair is to black women." I don't care how much money you spend,  from $20 on a wash and set to at least $250 (+100-200 for the hair) on a weave, your hair should be taken seriously. Because it is apart of your beauty.  It is apart of your outfit/look/etc. It is you because it says a lot about you and how you carry yourself. 

But this blog is not about hair. It is but it isn't. I am a very curious black girl trying to understand why other black girls who have crazy guap run around my campus looking crazy. I go to a very elite university filled with a lot of people of color with a lot of money. And one thing that I will never understand is why these girls who have thousands and even millions of dollars walk around this campus like they never heard of a comb, perm, chi flat iron, conditioner, grease, hair spritz, cellophane (rinse), scissors, or anything else hair related. There is no reason why you hair should be looking rough like that when you have the money to spend to get it done. Especially, if you are not a cute girl. To be honest, I am disgusted. 

This is not an attack to all girls. Just the ones with money who can afford a good press and curl biweekly. Even if you do not want to spend the money, invest in some good health care products and supplies and learn how to do it yourself instead of going outside looking crazy. Beautiful hair is not about "good" or "bad" hair (which both does not exist), but about healthy, luxurious, bouncy hair that moves when you move. The beautiful thing about our black hair is that we have the options, unlike any other race, to achieve versatility with our hair (we can basically make it look anyway we want). So be bold, be beautiful, and go get your gotdamn hair done. 

Note: also just cuz you spend guap on that weave...also doesn't mean your hair looks good...well, THATS WHAT SHE SAID...



  1. i like ur approach! this dont make any type of sense!!!!u cant think u look good is ur hair is a mess!!! (we ALL have our bad days but a consistent mess is UN acceptable!) thanks mookie for shedding the light!

  2. hahaha i actually died is soo true! I try to tell people that. I for one love to get my hair...its part of being me. Its all about pride, if you don't care about your hair, you don't care about yourself.

  3. I def agree.

    get your hair done!!

    It says a TON about you and makes you look and feel 10x better

  4. Trilla!!!
    it should be an attack to all women. whether you got money or not, keep that shit in check. u can throw on sweats and a bs sweatshirt, and still pull off being sexy and attractive if your hair looks nice