Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I love the QUEENS!!!!!

Guys seriously check out "Drag Race" with RuPaul and the queens of the show.

I realize I have an unhealthy obsession with trannies and drag queens that I just can't help.

Something happens whenever I hear a "you better work" or "girl that is fiiiieeerrccee". Lol. It really makes me happy which makes me try to dig deep inside and find out why I love them so much. This is my list so far:

1.they can be as over the top as they want to be. In fact that's what's expected of them
2.They can over do it on the make up and not get criticized.
3.They work it, and the world is there runway!
4.They love glitter and color, weaves wigs and makeup just like I do.
5.They are fearless!
6. They know that at any given moment their life could be taken just because of the lifestyle they live....and yet they LIVE their life their way it.
7.Can we say 7 inch stiletto pumps?
8. They usually excel at hair,make up and good ole fashion boy advice.
9. They are divas!
10. They are overall FIERCE!!!!!

I f-ing love them. I need a queen in my

But in the mean time remember this advice:(snapping fingers) "YOU BETTER WORK!" (Covergirl, Sashay Shante)


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