Monday, February 9, 2009

Maybe A Little Conceited but That's Always Needed

I'm not saying be conceited, but a little self-confidence goes a long way. When you feel like you are beautiful you allow others to feel that same way about you. My guy friends are always telling me about insecure girls they deal with and how that insecurity turns into jealousy (which we all know kills relationships) and eventually drives them away.

Whether you are having a bad hair/skin/clothes day you better WALK like you are a million bucks and I guarantee more people will see your confidence than your flaws. The media overloads us with images of beauty but its up to you to create that image for yourself. 

For example, one thing guys HATE is when you talk about how fat you are to a guy, if you are fat they can't say "yeah you need to loose some weight" and if you're not you just come off insecure and fishing for compliments. So eat that brownie with pride when your with your boo instead of being the boring chic who only eats salads lol 

You all know you've talked to a guy who was NOT CUTE by your normal standards, but there was something about him that drew your interests and attracted you to him. Whatever that "it factor" was, was most likely reaffirmed with the confidence he had. He knew he was talking to a BAD CHICK (like yourself), and let you know that too,  but didn't let that intimidate him or throw him off his game...I like that LOL

Don't take it overboard and have an attitude about it, but remember that the way you carry yourself sets the stage for how you want other people to see WALK LIKE A BOSS GIRL!!

Thats what she said

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