Monday, February 9, 2009

"I dont know your name but excuse me TRICK"

"I don't know your name but excuse me TRICK, I'll beat the shit out of you"-by far the funniest Cri-anna spoof I've heard so far

but seriously, wtf is going on when the dancing king himself has to decide to get it "poppin" on Rihanna....I never was a big Chris Brown fan but I'm pretty sure this will have detrimental effects on his career.

I know every girl says "that would never be me" but I honestly mean that. That is the ONE thing that love can't overcome in my KEEP YOUR DAMN HANDS TO YOURSELF GUYS!!


thats what she said

Posted by: sucka for love 

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  1. There's always 2 sides to a story....lets wait to hear both sides before we decide slim is a wife beater

  2. I definitely agree and the accusations may be preemptive and I really hoep he is innocent

  3. she seems a lil off.....but i mean they bring it out of us!