Friday, February 13, 2009

The Valentine Hypocrite.

She is repping "all my single ladies", when Miss independent come on, she is singing every lyric. She "don't need NO man". And she is Happy all by herself.

Why then, when Valentines day comes around is she secretly wanting....needing a man to share "love" and "happiness" together? What does she have to prove? And who does she have to prove it to?

This is what I call the Valentine Hypocrite. Seriously if you're single 364 days out of the year, why does that one day matter soooo much? Take yourself out dammit. Spend the day wining and dining yourself. You're suppose to be Miss Independent! Lol.

What I'm saying is don't stress out over this one day. Most the people celebrating aren't really happy anyways. And I don't know about you but I would rather enjoy the day when I'm REALLY happy with someone. Right now I'm just happy with myself.

The previous entry does not mean that I'll turn down a free meal/dinner/flowers...if they

...that's what she said


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  1. Trilla!!! I agree wit this post. stop all this fakin out here