Thursday, February 5, 2009


There is no question about the fact that women and men speak two different languages. In the eve of the best selling book turned movie "He's just not that into you", I figured I'd write about what signs WE give when we're just not that into you, so guys listen up (and the ladies who blog up here like to keep it REAL, please don't get offended)

She's just not "that" into you if......

1. You only see her if YOU are paying for dinner/shopping/movie or anything involving money that YOU are spending ....
2. She doesn't want to chill with you in any intimate setting.

3.In public she is distant or looking around (she is scheming and doesn't want to look like your "date")

4.If she doesn't smile or laugh the whole night...most likely she's thinking mean things about you.

5. She gives you the "friend" hug and only allows you to kiss her on the cheek if that.

6. She has a curiously "busy" schedule (if she liked you, she'd make time for you)

7.If you are the only one calling/texting/emailing etc, and she doesn't respond promptly or call you back...she is not feeling you.

8.If she appears bored/blank and is texting the whole date, you don't have her attention, she's just not that into you.

9.If she said she's not looking for a man right now, she's not into you (ladies you may not be looking but we don't tell that guys we are feeling)

10.If she is telling you about other guys and treating you like a "brother", YOU are in the friend zone SORRY, she's just not that into you.

11. If she didn't say one word the whole date, but on the ride to drop her off home she's in the best mood ever!lol

*** If anyone has more feel free to comment and I'll add.


I know a male's ego is sensitive but you have to know too when its time to give it up and stop wasting your time. It is not cute to BEG a girl to go down on her, it actually only shows how desperate you are and its more of a turn off. Please stop flashing your cash like you Diddy, those who have it for real don't have to do all that.And MOST IMPORTANTLY: BE YOURSELF!!! There is nothing worse than a wannabe, and posers are so obvious. Women like nothing more than a man who is real...the same way guys like girls who are real. Accept that everyone is not gonna like you and keep it moving til you find someone who does.-thats what she said



  1. I agree on every part....

    add call her and she only texts you back, we're girls, if we really like you we'll answer your calls

    when you ask her if she has facebook or myspace and she says me she has one but doesn't want to be associated with you and for you to know her comings and goings OR she doesn't accept your friend request at all and claims she hasn't checked it

    if he says he is "really feeling you" and she responds with "Awww" or "ok" lol...that's a very clear sign

    Ps...we need to do one on how to tell if a guy is not that into a girl

  2. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm............

    that sh** actually looks like its from a guy's point of'll keep this in mind tho.

  3. Preaaacccchhhhh!
    Every man needs to see this!