Tuesday, February 3, 2009

V-day is coming up...

And of course I want to shoot myself. I hate V-Day because it reminds me that “you are a terrible person for being single and now you must suffer by watching other people "act" happy because they think that they are in love". V-Day should just be called D-Day. So for all my single ladies out there..how do you survive D-Day? I don't know...Maybe you should gather up several of your girlfriends (who share the same belief) and go to dinner and discuss how young gentleman are not so gentle with your feelings(aka n***** aint s****)..

But on a better note, Gucci is releasing its spring collection and it looks promising. So hurry up and file your taxes so you can get that cash refund and stimulate the economy.

Do you want to see love? Love is that picture above. Those shoes are from the Christian Louboutin collection. High-shine calf leather is artistically stitched to mosaic effect. Pieced detail. Peep toe. Concealed platform. 4 7/10" covered heel. Signature red sole. Made in Italy. Fabulosity at its best.
Mirrored Platform Pump
I want those to be my Valentines and not some stupid guy....Thats What She Said.


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