Sunday, February 1, 2009


I personally like to make things my own, so when I hear a song I think "how can I make this song more ME?".

**** For example, in T.I's "whatever you like" song is SOOOOOO much more fun if you sing it like this:

*instead of saying "I want YOUR BODY need YOUR BODY, long as you got me you won't need NO BODY"......

* say it like this:"I want JOE BIDEN, need JOE BIDEN, long as you go me you won't need Nobody"

Stuff like this brightens me up, try it you'll like it!

So my newest remix is Bobby Valentino's song

*instead of saying: "she gon let me beat, beat, beat,beat, beat"

*this is funnier: "he gon make me SKEET,SKEET,SKEET,SKEET,SKEET!!!"

Lol this soooo fun guys. If you have anymore leave a comment.-thats what she said


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