Monday, February 16, 2009

Main Squeeze and More . . . Who's on your bench?

Most of us have someone who we consider our main boo, you know that one dude who makes your heart jump and your body melt. Preferably, the main boo would consider you his main chick but often times that doesn't happen. Regardless, there are times when a girl just needs something more. When your MVP ain’t on his A-game, you always have your reserves; to quote "backups for the backups".

I'm a firm believer in having someone around to fill all of your essential needs. Even though the main squeeze is the one you really wanna be with and he has most of the qualities you want in a man, you should always keep some players on the bench. Although you can have an unlimited number of reserves, you should at least have these top 3 on stand-by:

Cuddle buddy – (not to be confused with the cutty buddy!) This is the dude you can go to just to lay around with. Yall may have a few touch and feel sessions every now and then, but for the most part its real low key. He provides a lot of laughter and great entertainment. Definitely helps you pass the time!

Money Man – This dude right here is your go to man! What you want he got, and what he aint got he'll find someone who does and get it for you. He spends dough recklessly cuz he can't compete on any other level. He probably annoys you when he talks, but let him pull that wallet out and all is right in the world.

Bust it Baby aka Cutty Buddy – Now this man has got to be on point, cuz when you need just the right amount of “fixing” he is right there to help you out! He doesn’t ask questions and always gives you what you need – when you want it, however you want it. For the most part yall are cool and can go out and catch a movie together, but don’t ever get it confused, his purpose is simple: to make your body tremble.

Lately my cuddle buddy has been put to real good use. I’m not in need of a cutty buddy (yet, lol) but I most definitely need to find me a Money Man! Mama needs a shopping spree … That’s what she said.

~ Sugar, Spice & Everything Nice


  1. Trilla!!!
    yeah this goes for both men and women. it's a necessity especially as young men & women. being young upcoming professionals, you cant put all your bagels in one basket. me & my goons also use athletics to describe & sometimes simplify our women situations.

    being single, you gotta try to have a starting 5, a 6th man off the bench, and reserves; being that your roster can always change. you can cut players, sign new recruits, & should always look to sign that lebron or kobe type to your team. you know that player that will take over & dominate a game. like you said "miss author", each player has different skills and uses they bring to the team.

    but if you're not in the single category, i beleive you should just have your main boo, which you should be their main too. but additionally have a couple standby's. so instead of like basketball or football, it's kinda like NASCAR driving, you have one main driver for the team. but there are teammates just in case your danica patrick gets sick or takes a leave of absence, you can still complete a race with another driver on the team.