Sunday, February 15, 2009

I like you.....but I can live without you.

So I was just reading an article in Cosmopolitan magazine about men and bitches. Okay before you you go off in the "I'm not a bitch" mode realize I'm not calling women bitches, just the bitches (bad bitches).lol.

What it was saying is why men love bitches. There's a few things to learn from bad bitches and its this: 1. Attitude is everything, you have to have the attiude that you like him, but can live without him 2. confidence is the sexiest thing about her 3. She is not desperate,timid or insecure 4. She's bossy...but not too bossy.4. Naughty and nice ...nuff said.

I'm in NO MEANS and I mean seriously NO MEANs anything remotely close to a relationship expert, in fact I may be the opposite lol. But I do truly feel that the article was true and MEN LOVE BITCHES....are you a bad bitch?

***i don't usually type such vulgarity and excessive usage of curse words but you can't really substitute a "bad bitch"lol


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  1. there's actually a book called "why men love bitches". i forget who its by but its great. you should check it out, its life saving/ changing material!