Thursday, February 26, 2009

How to REALLY lose a guy in ten days (or less)

Something recently made me think of the movie "How to lose a guy in ten days" I didn't see the movie but I know one thing: he ended up falling for her...which meant whatever her rules were, wasn't

I'm here to bring you ladies the REAL way to guarantee that no sensible Ninja will ever really be with you. I guess doing these lists are my thing, so here goes another one....

How to REALLY lose a guy in ten days (or less)

1.Text and call him at LEAST 7 hour!

2.Send him "I miss you's" and "thinking of you's" on his facebook/myspace wall EVERYDAY

3.Laugh at ALL his jokes, agree with EVERYTHING he says. Conform,conform,conform

4.Don't be yourself AT ALL! Hide everything about you that makes you unique

5.Act perfectly...check mirrors every chance you get...oh and don't kiss him, it'll mess up the M.A.C

6.Sleep with him the first date....and tell him you love him

7.Check his phone, email,facebook.myspace. Question everything

8.Make sure you bring all your past relationship issues into this new one!

9.Don't accept ANY compliment. You are fat,ugly and don't deserve nice words.

10.Compare yourself to every woman out there he knows, on t.v, outside,etc.

11. Cling,cling,cling...

12. Tell him ur REAL partner number...girl just say it was four, we all have a few that don't

13. Flirt with his friends!

I'm not gonna personally try this experiment but I'm almost 100 percent sure it'll definetely get rid of any sane man out there. As always feel free to add on.

I'm back B*tches

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