Sunday, February 22, 2009

I'm Not from BK, but this goes hard

This part goes hard:
My girl Angie can't be a groupie or whore
She bout gettin money in her juicy couture
Do she get bored with the Gucci of course
So the Louis she sports til it aint new anymore
Then she cop another one makin hoes gettin madder
Gettin more money so the price don't matter
Ain't seen her in a minute know her ass got fatter
And if you think she bad then her friends are way badder

And this part reminds me of Shana which is funny lol:
I gotta friend named Shayna
She like Bill Bellamy and how to be a player
Shorty is a player can't nobody play her
Can't nobody game her cause she aint a gamer
Baby girl ballin kinda like the Lakers
If you would trade her like Shaq then see ya later
Player she do it so easy it's kinda like a layup
She could lay up wit your boy wit no make up

thats what she said

1 comment:

  1. aint nothing like a brooklyn dude, damn sure aint nothing like a brooklyn dude