Friday, February 27, 2009

Is food the New Sex???

So I'm bored at work reading the local Newspaper when I come across an article which was not at all interesting once began to read in depth, but the topic really sparked my interest.

Question: Is food the new SEX?

Are we now in a world where you are more likely to be condemned by your caloric intake then by the number of guys you sleep with?

I am by no means justifying that one gets judged by either, I could personally care less about how much someone eats or by who they sleep with....BUT it seems since obesity has been on the rise, people are less likely to look down on "sluts" and more likely to have their noses turned up to the um "larger" people.

Soooo my personal opinions are the following:
1. Since Obesity is on the rise....and so is a nation full of narcissitic wanna be perfectionists, people are more likely to condemn another over shallow reasons like weight.

2. Since we are becoming a more Sexually Liberated country, the condemnation of sex, premarital in particular is becoming less and less important...unless you're Gay. Whole other subject.

3. Not blaming MTV but I'm just gonna use them to generalize all tv networks.... We are in the MTV generation, which shows and glorifies sex, girls kissing girls on tv and just overall sluttiness...but how many big girls do we see??? Lesson: is okay to be slutty trash...just be attractive and fit.

Okay guys I'm sure there's more but I guess I should get back to doing actual work.

As always if u have more, feel free to leave a comment.

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