Monday, February 23, 2009

I'm the best thing that ever happened to you

Ladies, I want to conduct an experiment.

Background:  I met this guy in December and he seems pretty cool. But i never paid him much attention until now. I knew that he had a nice car and a job..and he was decent looking from what I can remember. But, I started becoming interested in him when I finally accepted his friend request on MySpace. I went through his page, pictures, and videos. Even though he was still decent looking, I realized he was some hood ni**a who never left his six block radius. I usually try to stay away from the hood tyoes now because I always end up finding the crazy ones. Two of them ended up in jail for attempted murder. But anyway, he had the usual pictures and videos of him counting his money and showing off his jewelry. Now this may be the "bird" in me and/or "gold-digger" (Pick which ever one you find applicable), but I decided to enhance communication with this guy and upgrade from text messages to phone calls. After a couple of phone calls, I figured that he was a really nice and funny.  I decided to give him some of my time. Anyway, i don't want him for his money. 'Cuz I have my own. But it wouldn't hurt to spend someone else's for a change.

Objective: This study will examine how to make a guy realize that you are the best thing to ever happen to him.

Hypothesis: By broadening his horizons, eliminating his insecurities, and doing stuff for him that no other girl has ever done for him, you will make him think that you are the best thing to ever happen to him. 

Methods: Like I said, this is some hood n***a who never left his six block radius. But he does look like he has potential to be upgraded. After talking to him, I found out that our b-days were 2 days apart. I told him that I would take him out to dinner for his birthday. He said " really? that would be the first!" He sounded so surprise. "Well thats because you talk to birds." He said that I sounded like a keeper. (+1). Anyway, I told him I would take him somewhere chic...some good authentic Japanese Habachi place or some french bistro. I realized I had to introduce him to something classy-something no one has ever probably done for him. 

Analysis: By spending money on him first, he probably wouldn't assume that you are a gold digger. Actually, he will think you are a generous person. As a result, he wouldn't mind spoiling you cuz he thinks you would do it for him and you are unlike the other bird heads that he talks to. 

Results: Well this is an on going study and once I find some more hood ni***as, this will become a cross sectional study. Stay tuned....Well thats what she said...

-Samantha Jones

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