Sunday, March 1, 2009

To TRY and to fail.

Try, to me is such a powerful word. In one sense its a beautiful thing. In life I believe you should try new things in order to grow. You can't truly be successful at anything until you've tried it. The beginning of every new venture has to start with you trying it out.

However, try has also led to unmet potential and dead ends. There is a WORLD of difference between TRYING and can always TRY to change their life....but its not the same as actually CHANGING their life. I think the thing between trying and doing is struggle.

Usually anything we try is going to be challenging. Once we've gotten through the hard part we can then come to the point of accomplishment.

So today's advice is to try to stop trying. Lol, let's start doing and stop trying to do. This may be one of the only pieces of advice I'll take from myself.:)

The one and only

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  1. I Like This One! Gotta Go Reflect On It Lol.....Seriously!