Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Juicy is Back...

It has been a ridiculously hectic three weeks, but luckily I finally have one day where I can breathe, so on this off day I decided why not talk to you all. (I miss you, I really do!) and I know your guessing whats been going on with me so why not share =)

1. Since the Black man shows absolutely no love and/or appreciation for me(and because they are so quick to talk to everyone else besides the damn sistahs) I decided to try "Something New". So I've been talking to my friends about dating outside of our race and many (5 out of 7) have said that they love Black men too much to deviate. Now before you get ready to chop my neck off, don't get me wrong I love Black men as well but I figured Id give something else a try. So here's how it unfolded: I was on U street on one of my random walks only to be interrupted by an excuse me; thinking I was just in his way I moved to the side but he just stood there. So I'm like what the heck is this guys deal and he smiles and introduces himself as "Jason". At this point I was definetly still clueless but when he started talking I was like wait is he trying to holla at me? Needless to say after a few minutes and a compliment or two he asked for my number and text me that evening with a simple, "You're beautiful". Now Ive heard it all, but something about the word beautiful made me smile and we have been hanging out ever since. First outing was cool and anyone who knows me knows I love good food and sightseeing and thats exactly what we did, Second time around we hit a local bar for some drinks and dessert, the third time we came to my place (popcorn & a movie)...and we're still going strong. The conversation is awesome, I adore his style, and he is funny as hell, so I'm gonna keep him around.......guess I'll just have to wait and see.

2. Girls Girl Girls. Im gonna keep this one short cause if I don't I'll be talking forever. Someone who I thought was a very dear friend of mine BLAZED(i.e. played) me! Now, it takes alot for me to trust someone, like seriously alot, but as I stated before I have been working on that need for me to keep myself so secretive. I've been friends with the person for a little over four years now and talk about someone who I really thought was my twin. Needless to say our falling out has led me to revert to Queen Bee's post. Some people are seasonal....and she definetly was.

3. So I'm not sure if you all remember that young nigga who I thought would "sweep me off my feet". LOL. negative. He has been nothing but headache and I finally ditched his ass to the curb, only after he called me an evil bitch. Smh. Jonathan dont be so salty sweety.

4. Last but certainly not least. I have been on my Kanye's workout plan. 11 weeks left until graduation! woohooo. So you know Juicy has to look amazing.....

FYI: I promise to never keep you guys from whats been going on with me ever again. LOL.

Till Next Time

Yours Truly,

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