Monday, March 2, 2009

All My Pride Is All I Have

I wish i kept my pride. If I did, then I wouldn't be in the mess that I am into today. I am a firm believer in "hurt me once, shame on you, hurt me twice, shame on me". I am usually not one for giving second chances because I hold grudges. For example, I still do not talk to my half-sister because of something she said to me when I was four.  I usually have too much pride to allow someone back in my life after they hurt my feelings.

But isn't it funny how you give a guy that you like a second chance. Dammit, you give him three, four, or five  chances to get his act together. How many chances should you give a person? How many times should you forgive someone that you like or love for hurting our feelings? When trying to answer this question, I realized how many of us are addicted to pain. In Mario's "Let Me Love you", he asks the girl "do you enjoy being hurt?" Of course not, dummy!  Who enjoys being hurt? Of course, you hate getting our feelings hurt. But if you constantly allow your feelings to get hurt, wouldn't you become addicted to the pain.  

Addicted is when you devote or surrender to something habitually. When you expect him to mess up or you continuously excuse or ignore his unfaithful behavior you ultimately  surrender to getting your feelings hurt habitually and subconsciously. We get so addicted to the pain that despite the hurt feelings, we get over it and afford him six, seven, and infinite amount of chances to get his act together. No you are not a good person for forgiving him, instead, you are an idiot for staying with him. Do like J.Lo! Leave him and the pain behind! Get your pride back and dont let him and his stupidity phase you...Thats What She Said


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