Friday, March 6, 2009

If That Boy Only Knew

Ladies, have you ever had a crush on somebody
 but know that it really only makes sense as a crush?

Ok, so I have a crush on this young boy. He is SOOO cute to me and no one else seems to see it, but that’s ok lol. On top of that I usually never like younger guys and he is like 3 years younger than me. I find myself checking out his facebook and looking forward to incidents where I may run into him, like a lil high school crush. I’m absolutely positive he has no idea that I am in the least bit interested in him.

For my ego’s sake I would kind of like to know if he is interested, but at the same time I just know there would be absolutely no point in ever saying anything to him or making a move (because of various circumstances), instead I’ll just continue to crush on him

That’s what she said

Posted by: Miss Boss

1 comment:

  1. damn you could of told me hun.......lmaooooo...

    (i thought that was funny)

    but nah damn i aint know crushes still were out there..i hope i got some :-(