Monday, March 2, 2009

Thats Actually Kind of Annoying

everyone has them, they creep up at the worst times, they led to far too many break-ups and divorces, you know what they are PET PEEVES....

My solution, let people know your pet peeves in advance so they can try not to do them in front of you, here are mine...
  1. cracking knuckles, spine, neck, or any other bones--its gross and you will have arthritis when you are old. Please keep your crackly bones away from me because the sound grosses me out
  2. talking loudly for no reason--we are grown, there's no need to yell or talk over people just to make yourself seen and/or heard, it actually makes me not want to listen to anything you're saying at all
  3. evading questions--if I ask you a question and you don't want to answer it just say so, don't try to switch the subject like I'm a dummy and won't remember that I just asked you a question
  4. hairy legs/armpits--I am all for female empowerment but please not at the expense of your hygiene, no one wants to see hairy legs or armpits out and about so either cover it up or grab some Nair please and thank you
  5. illiterate text messages--Im all for "lol"s and "jk"s but there is no reason for you to use slang that is actually longer than the word itself and at the end of the day it makes you look like you just don't know how to spell, maybe you don't
  6. traffic--unless there is an accident I don't understand where it comes from and I honestly feel like if everyone just drove it would go away--and what are the people at the front of the traffic doing
  7. not allowing yourself to be rejected--if you try to talk to me and I tell you I have a boyfriend that means NO, so please do not go on and on about why we can be friends or ask me "what does your man have to do with me"...your game is wack and I don't want you
  8. trying to play me once you are rejected--the whole you're not that cute anyway response to getting rejected not only confirms that you were lame and I shouldn't have talked to you, but it also adds another notch to your lameness
  9. waxed eyebrows on guys--I just don't like it, unless you have a unibrow leave em natural, you're a man so be MASCULINE please 
  10. tattooing your significant others name on your body--maybe I missed the memo, but last time I checked your average relationship lasts about a year, but the "Tyquan" tramp stamp on your back will last a lifetime smh 
Now I know I do a ton of stuff that gets on everyone else's nerves so please list those pet peeves of your here!!

thats what she said

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