Monday, March 2, 2009

Say What You Need to Say....

This was originally going to be a post about FLAKY men, but after some thought I figured I'd do something more real and less entertaining.Plus I'm sure a lot of ladies feel like I do.

I have men issues.Most women do.And I titled this "Say what you need to say" because myself and countless other women don't communicate properly and effectively with the men they like and the men they don't like.

I, For one tried to just treat them all the same...BUT they are not all the same. They are not objects or toys (or comparable to food or shoes). They are individuals.

I envy men with the ability to keep it moving without any feelings. I tried and was successful a few times, however deep down I'm not like that.I can't keep it moving on everyone. That's just a recipe for a miserable, lonely old strange woman with 16 cats knitting in a rocking chair (lol). Or even worse: the BITTER BLACK WOMAN. I don't want to become that woman. I do believe in GOOD BLACK MEN.

I think this whole player lifestyle I've been living may have to rest because honestly I'm over it. I been there and done that. I don't like people playing games with me and so I won't play games in return.At the end of the day its still pretty lonely no matter how many men there are (which aren't even that many)

At the same time for ME to open up the gates and say"welcome come on in, feel free to hurt me"is hard. I guess I shouldn't always feel like someone is going to hurt me, BUT the last time I did let my guards down, that was the result and still is sometimes.

Nevertheless I am fully aware that I need to make some changes.Its called GROWTH and its a PROCESS.

Well that's what I needed to say and get off my chest

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