Saturday, March 7, 2009

Spring Cleaning

That time of the year has come again. Time to set back your clock and declutter your life.

Most people like to clean out their homes of all the junk from the previous year.I like to do a little bit of cleaning in my space BUT more importantly, around this time or a little earlier than now I do some People Cleansing.

This is a time to get rid of all the dead weight people around with no real significance. A close friend of mines just went through a situation in which her family was the root of all her issues and causing too much unnecessary drama. My advice was for her to put herself and happiness first. Eventually she has let go and in the process of letting go all the extras she has found a new found freedom and strength I think.Now family is a touchy subject because you only get one BUT for the sake of one's own sanity sometimes you have to cut them off and hope that one day they can get it together.

Its a process of editing.the most important part of it is to NOT feel guilty. As I mentioned in a previous post, some people are seasonal and its important to not hold onto a person just because there is history. Its okay to let go and just keep the good memories without keeping the dead weight. And sometimes you outgrow relationships and once again its time to let them go. And this is for men,women,family, co workers, whatever.

It is equally important to not just put everyone on the chopping block.I'm not advising you to let a person go the at first sign of adversity. Sometimes you should give people a chance but of course not too many. And of course some people are just permanent and irreplacable. These are the people you keep for your sanity.

Soooo have you done any cleaning lately?

-Queen Bee

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  1. nope! but i will eventually lol....gotta get this money its a recession! duh lmao