Friday, April 3, 2009

Sometimes you just be feeling like.....

Now ya know mostly well actually all the girls on this blog are Girly...BUT ya know sometimes you just be having one of them days. And today was one of them. I had a straight up F*@#D up day!!!!! You know one of them days you just cant win. So im just rolling with the punches. In order to completely salvage my sanity as funny as it seems I been listening to some straight hood music. It actually got alot of anger and agression off of my chest. Also it got me thinking: What the Hell happen to DMX??? i used to love him. Now that im getting old I really appreciate music, lyrics and true talent....and he was just raw and real, i love it. Anyways here's a throwback: one of my faves, I was definetly feeling like this today:

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