Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Guys just dont understand

I heard somewhere and please don't quote me, that in tough economical times such as the recession we are currently in, that the price of lipstick and other beauty products actually go on a rise. Why you may ask? Because its is a pick me up.

Now if u tell a guy your interested in the slightest amount of beauty product, they assume that you have some self esteem issues and are uncomfortable with going au naturale. I can only speak for myself but I hate the dreaded make up/beauty/ weave convo that comes up occasionally with members of the opposite sex.

First off there's no winning. I just don't get why we can't just like to accentuate what God and our parents have given us? Why can't we express our mood/style/creativity on our face. Its like we are our own pieces of art. Why when we add on do we have to be looked at as insecure? I mean it is true some people apply makeup heavily and depend on it actually but for myself and most girly girls I know: we just like to have fun. And it is reflected in the way we look.

I'll tell you now I would choose a date with Sephora before A LOT of guys I But seriously I feel just about everything in moderation is a good thing. And we are in a recession, and that perfect mascara is just the pick-me-up I need. Somehow I feel guys will still never understand this.

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  1. Its Not So Much The Insecurity That Gets Us......Most Times We Just Think That You Are Much Prettier Natural..(Referring To The Make-Up).....& Believe It Or Not.......Guys Pay Attenttion To How Pretty A Female Is When She's Natural.....Especially The Keepers....I Mean, There Is A Certain Comfort In Knowing That I Can Wake Up To That Face Every Morning & See The Same Face That Attracted Me When We First Met.....Dont Get Me Wrong Though.....Make-Up Is Nice!.....But To Me It's Like Role Playing.....Only Good For The Moment!........As Suggested In One Of The Other Posts I've Read Earlier From This Blog.....Self Confidence Breeds Dominance!......Even Though Puttin On Make-Up May Not Mean That You Are Insecure.......It Also Suggests That You Are Not COMPLETELY Confident.....