Monday, March 30, 2009

Unofficial Girl girl 
n. a woman who is in a relationship where although they often act like they are a couple there is no true commitment to each other 

Many of us have been in this situation and the more I see it the more I think it is doomed for failure.  At first it always seems like a perfect set-up, you both enjoy the benefits of a relationship (intimacy, dates, time spent together, someone to talk to and look forward to hearing from), but it is those same things that cause flaws in the relationship--acting like you're with someone makes you care about them. 

The longer this goes on the more likely you are to catch serious feelings for the person. However, its usually at this point where the down sides of being an "unofficial girl" come into play--there's no commitment. So now you have feelings for this person but they can talk to whoever they want

The combination of these forces creates a situation destined for failure and at the end of the day although it was a fun ride what do you really end up with? 

Although I certainly think there are cases where this relationship can end with the two being friends and without hard feelings I think the longer it goes on the more likely the two are to catch feelings and end up hurting one another

All I'm saying is that although it seems like its all in good fun take a second thought before falling into being his unofficial girl 

thats what she said 

by the way, I love this video, regardless to the fact that she can't sing

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  1. this is oooohhhh so TRUE!!! the unofficial girl is cool if youonly want somethign temporary but when you want something permanent! and the lack of committment is the scary part because in the end they can always defend themselves by saying im not your girl or your not my man!!!!!