Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Old Faithful.

So I want you guys' opinion on this topic because ya know when it comes to guys/relationships I'm no expert.

So the current "love" interest has a little nickname for me that I don't know how comfortable I'm with. He calls me "old faithful" because he knows if he ever really needed anything, I'm gonna be there. He says its a good thing because I guess it shows I'm reliable and down.

My thing is "old faithful" to me reminds me of that old beat up car that's not really what you want but gets you from A to B. I feel like its that something you may keep around until you upgrade. But I am a woman and we overanalyze and think the worse.

So am I being sensitive? Or does he just need a different expression of appreciation?


  1. your being too sensitive.....

  2. i agree...take the compliment as being someone he can depend on which is an extremely big compliment and just leave it at that

    as women we look WAYYY to deep into things and I think this is definitely one of those circumstances!!!

    good luck

  3. change the nickname, your no dog.

  4. Take It As A Compliment!.....Even With Your Train Of Thought........Being That Old Reliable Car Means That Through The Most Difficult, Annoying, Or & Sometimes Unbearable Situations.....You Were Always There To Help Solve The Issue.......You Got Dude To Where He Needed To Be.......Feelings For You Will Always Be Strong!