Thursday, January 29, 2009

(The Younger Man)

Despite my attempt to deviate from the plight of every woman: MEN. I had to see if any ladies(yes this one is for us) have dealt with the thought of being with a younger man. Now I know we've all seen Stella Got Her Groove Back atleast twice (3x if you count BET)but who would have thought that I,Juicy, would have my very own Winston waltz right into my life. We definetly met in the most nontraditional way and I promise you ladies if I knew his ass was 20 I wouldnt have even tried to push up, but since that day he's been my drug of choice. He had me mentally, his thoughts, his music, his swagg; I wouldn't have imagined in my wildest dreams that a man born in 88' could do this to me! ME! of all people. The man hating, if he not ballin' out of control, buying me Louis V's and driving a Masareti, Juicy! The all my single ladies, I've got my own, do my ladies run this, Juicy! LOL. This is crazy, but I love it, and it goes without saying that I'm feeling him.

I know what your thinking, man Juicy lost her swag, she slippin, I can't mess with her! But guess what, these Black men are running low any damn way! And plus look at Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore, clearly their happy! Between the Snowbunnies, the Mamis,the Asian sensations, and lets not forget (THE DOWN LOW BROTHERS) the pool of young eligible bachelors is looking a lil scarce.

I think I'm going to give my lil young boo a chance. 20 years of age and all....either way I'm down for the journey and I know he's ready to sweep me off my feet.

Yours Truly,

*Feel Free To Comment: Ladies-have you been there? & Fellas-Have You Had A Few Stellas of Your Own*


  1. wow juicy you seem really into this guy!! despite his age. Its strange where you can find love now and days.....the PARK, BEACH!!!!,vacation and maybe even online, but have you ever noticed that love can never be found if you search for it? thats right love can sometimes be the forbidden fruit that we all want a bite of in life, i say "fuck it" you pick and choose your destiny we only have one life to live and you can only live it "ounce", sometimes woman often let something as simple as a man's "AGE" distract them and, pass a good man by and go strait for what they "FEEL" is a better guy, and he turns out t be a knucklehead!
    "AGE" doesn't define who or how you are as a person it just notify's a person of how many years you have survived on this retched earth. well its time for me to go, but let me close my not with something special for "all", don't let nothing in life stop you from completing your goals, shoot for the stars and let god fight your battles duces "one love".
    I found my love in the weirdest place, i hope you all find your's..I LOVE You juicy(wink)..forever your Jonathan Valentine.

  2. Wow juciy that was really sounds like you've went through a transformation just like Stella. There are so many others, like her and you, who will read this entry and become inspired to express themselves!! I hope, however, your Winston doesn't turn out like the one in the movie and goes on Oprah telling the world he's gay lol...cuz i'd tell everyone!! sike just kiddn juicy...can't wait for the next entry...until then stop hating on tall people... Dr. X