Saturday, January 31, 2009

Interesting Weekend pt2.....Another one bites the dust

So I just blogged YESTERDAY about a potential weekend with a man who is out of the norm for me....the verdict: I ditched his ass!

I have no idea how he'll get back to his state but that's not my problem. Okay the story:

Before I begin I'll start with a quote my mother always told me "you have to teach people how to treat you". I have always been a firm believer in that and that's why I don't take ANY mess,especially if its unnecessary.

So I pick him up from the train station and we got to my favorite Mexican tequila bar/eatery. This place is pretty nice, mixed crowd, not ghetto or anything and that's when it begin. So I look around just checking the crowd....automatically its "you got any boyfriends here?".... Um excuse me? Your insecurity is showing! So the night was just uncomfortable but I just kept going along with it, plus he got me a strawberry Juniors cheesecake!!!(Which I left with him,crud)my favorite!!!!lol.

I'm not trying to toot my own horn but I am aware that I am gorgeous and fabulous and a few other things that are not so nice but that by no way means that I look down on people. The whole time he compared himself to previous guys (that he don't know) that he assumed were better than him. He felt I was too pretty for him, he felt that He wasn't good enough basically.

Now if you try to give a person you wouldn't ordinarily a chance, and they keep telling you in subtle ways that they're not good enough for you then eventually you have to believe them. And so I had to leave. I'm not in the business of nurturing the self esteems of grown men.

And this whole experience made me appreciate my typical "type" because sometimes they can be jerks (I can too) but NOTHING is sexier than a CONFIDENT ur insecurity showing? -thats what she said


So he called me this morning and we spoke. I'm sorry but I had to laugh. He's clueless. The convo goes a little something like this:

Him: so what happened last night?
Me:um I think basically we just are not on the same page.
Him: I'm just not like all the other pretty niggas you talk to that think they look better than you.
Me: you can't even speak on that you don't know them...but I will say the guys I usually talk to have CONFIDENCE and that's why I liked them...u seemed so insecure.
Him:(laughs) I've talked to girls who look better than you, better body and all that

I stopped listening at that point:
1.Why did he feel the need to say that (tryna hurt my feeling???? He must not know bout me)
2. I HIGHLY doubt he ever talked to a better chick than
3.What the hell ever!!!!


Wasted too much time on it!lol

NEXT-thats what she said

-Queen Bee

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