Saturday, January 31, 2009

Getting it Together for the '09

So for the past couple of years, i have been doing well with making sure that I didn't like guys (except for that one lapse of bad judgement)...and NO, I am NOT a LESBIAN!!!! Yeah, I would like for someone to complete me like that Keyshia Cole song but ever since my last Mr.BIG and me getting my feelings hurt and turning numb, I didn't think I would want anyone to complete me anytime soon. See guys are there for entertainment and nothing more. You know, someone to text when you are bored and/or drunk. Not for someone to like, care, or worry about. Well in 2008, that changed and I tripped, fell, and bumped my head.  When and how did i stop enjoying his entertainment and started liking him? See I have this major problem. I like guys who like me! I don't know why. Ladies, Please let me know if I am the only one who suffers from this ailment?  But dont worry, his stupidity (and lies) brought me right into reality and made me realize that it was in the best interest of my feeling and his safety that I stopped liking him. I know its difficult to just stop liking someone. But dont worry, I have been currently receiving help with "getting up" after this hard fall.  And he has been doing an increasingly better job at helping. He did so well that I gave A+ the other night
....Thats what she said. 

Yours Truly, 
Samantha Jones

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