Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Enter Mr.Big

You can call me Queen B and You all will meet a few different characters on this post, but you might see the most about my favorite male topic: Mr. Big!!!. All my ladies who were avid Sex and the City watchers know about Mr. Big, he's that ONE guy you never get over, never get enough of, always unsure about where you stand with,but its that One you never quite understand. But face it, you're not getting over him anytime soon. But sidednote, Big and Carrie were "together" for ten years off and on and finally got married. There is hope out there.

Okay enough with that, I'll start from the beginning. I never even saw it coming.

Picture it three years ago, he just got up from his main course (me). It was nothing serious to me, he was a homie first and you know what happens when....well let's just say blame it on the alcohol.Anyways we didn't go all the way but he did his thing if you get what I mean.

So the next morning I realize I have a meeting for this group I'm too embarrassed to mention Anyways so my friend texts me asking about a girl who is claiming the guy I am with at that moment is her boyfriend (his name is pretty unique) we'll call him Mr.A hole, he was but he was mad cool though...anwyays I don't even care at that point he had a girlfriend because I'm not interested,so I just left for the meeting.....

Off to the meeting, I meet the group of people there and they introduce us to the each other, one being the female who's "man" I was just with and the artists performing at an event we had coming up. That's when I saw HIM. He was tall, nice bone structure, fitted on, check. Different from anyone I've ever seen. We didn't really speak...until it was time to go home and I needed a ride, and he was my ride...I made sure of that. I got in the car and he gave me his phone "put your number in it" he commanded. Now usually I don't get talked to like that but I took and did as he said. That's how it all began. He stayed over that night (we didn't do it, perverts!!!) And he's been In and Out of my life ever since. More to come because I have a million stories. I also have and Aiden, a Berger and an few other characters in my life. But Mr Big by far is the juiciest.-thats what she said

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