Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sex and The City Daily

So you all know I loves my Sex and The City. It is one of the realest shows and it, like our blog shows the complexities of women, dating, men, life, friendship, EVERYTHING! So I figured that daily I'd put up a quote from the show as something to ponder.

Todays SATC quote:
"Are we simply romantically challenged, or are we sluts?"

What's your opinion on this one? I often feel romantically challenged and I've talked to quite a few guys in my days but ask me how many relationships I've had???? Well no don't ask me I'm embarrassed. What does that say about me? Is it me? Is it them? Am I just sugarcoating slut?lol. Well I wouldn't go that far.
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  1. this is not a good picture of the cast. actually its a terrible picture, not appealing what so ever!