Monday, April 6, 2009

True Life: She's Just Not That Into You

So last week I met this guy. Immediately I was attracted to him, he was REALLY cute, lets call him X. We ended up exchanging numbers and talking for a few days. By like the third day he asked if he and his friend could stop by to say hello, so I said sure.

As soon as he walked through the door something was off to me. I'm very particular about what I like and I know it when I see it. So its not that he wasn't cute anymore I just knew at that time he WAS NOT my type. 

Anyways, I say hello and head for the couch to sit down. He sits next to me and after about 35 seconds I text my friend who is also sitting in the room. The text message reads: "I don't like him anymore". However, I accidentally sent the message to X. As soon as I realized the mistake I made my mouth dropped and I immediately reached across and tried to grab his phone and plead with him to let me erase the message I accidentally sent him. He said no, so me being the punk I am, ran upstairs and hid my embarrassed face in a pillow lol.

About 30 seconds later he comes upstairs and gives me my phone while saying "I'm going to give you a few minutes to get your lies together"

In the meantime my friends are clueless as to what just happened and as I text them the situation (from upstairs) I can hear them hold back their laughter. 

So I stayed upstairs for another 5 minutes hoping he would leave and I wouldn't have to face the situation...I was wrong

He came back upstairs a few minutes and says "you're lucky I'm not insecure or else I would have thought you were talking about me".

I guess that was a good way for him to play it off, I guess, and I guess that the akward lies I said to go along with what he already assumed in his mind we're convincing, I guess, and I guess the forced conversation that we had for the next 20 minutes until he finally left could leave him convinced that I wasn't talking about him, I guess, but I'm also guessing that when he sees this post he'll know what's up

double check those texts ladies

thats what she said 

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