Monday, April 6, 2009

To forgive or not forgive...

Forgiveness is a topic that has been coming up pretty frequently lately. For some reason I find myself asking for forgiveness as well as being asked for it. It's strange how I can want someone to forgive me but be reluctant to forgive others.

The other day I was asked to forgive someone for literally years of pain and hurt. As much as I wanted to forgive them I found myself not being able to do wholeheartedly. How in the hell can anyone expect to just be forgiven within one phone conversation?! It actually upset me a little that I was even being asked to let everything go right then and there - I sort of took offense to it. After all this time, I had dealt with things in my own way and was dealing with the situation just fine. Now because the person wants to apologize I should just say all is forgiven? I'm not really down with that.

I'm struggling with the fact that life is short and that I cannot fully move on without forgiven this person. But when you feel hurt to your core it's kind of hard to just let it go that easily. I honestly would love to forgive this person. I have asked for the same many MANY times in my life and am very grateful that I was granted forgiveness. I know how much I wanted to be forgiven and able to re-establish a relationship. Unfortunately I don't think I'm ready to fully forgive, I try to act like the situation doesn't affect me but I never stopped hurting. I just hope one day I'll find it in my heart to let it all go...

That's what she said


  1. when you really do forgive it will be a huge weight off of your chest, however its not something you can force to happen, its something you have to work on and work at, but I honestly think its worth it to forgive and then make the decision whether or not you want to forget as well

  2. Don't Know The Whole Story.........But I Suggest You Forgive & Forget.......Forget That Person That Is.........4 Years Of Pain Should Leave No Doubt In Your Mind That The Person Is A Lame!......It Realy Doesn't Matter How You Feel Towards That Person...Unless, Of Course, It's Family........ ;)