Monday, April 13, 2009

The Numbers Game

During an interesting car ride to New York an ummm "interesting" topic arose that was heavily debated on. That uh issue is " the number". What number you ask? THE number. The infamous list one must face at some point in life....let's just call it the Black List.

So I realized my number is not as low as I thought....but NO its not out of control high either....and my friends are the same way (yeah I had to add them). So we made up a few rules and philosophies about why our number game is what it is.

  1. If you compare the amount that we slept with to the amount we couldve slept with but didn't. Then the number is significantly lower....comparatively speaking. For example, if about 250 guys wanted to and tried to sleep with you but you've only slept with 13 (not my number) then you've done pretty good....relatively speaking of course
  2. We are pretty girls, bottom line: we have more options. So basically we've used our
  3. We are not "girlfriends". We haven't really done the relationship thing. So in place of having one consistent person, we've I guess been testing the
  4. If you divide the ratio of the men we've been with over the years since we've started having sex, then on an average there were no more than 3 and
  5. We've got some "technicals" that we won't count, for example one of my friends said if it was under 2 mins it didn't count...I have a few others...but truthfully some just don't count.
The only solutions that we have in order to keep our numbers from rising is: 1. Recycle our old boos...or 2. Either marry an old boo or add one number and marry that one.

What's a girl to do? So there will be no new ones for me for a loooonnng time. Lol. But you know the saying: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!!!!!! Well we've had our fun, guess its time to slow it down now.

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