Monday, April 13, 2009

The Beauty of Pain

We've all heard the saying that Pain is Beauty. Well in a recent case of writers block....or should I say Bloggers Block, I realized why I haven't been able to crank out a blog good enough for me to actually post.... Its because I've been relatively happy lately.
It seems when I'm having guy issues, money issues, just life issues in general is when my creativity level is at A thousand...but now that I feel things are under control, I haven't gotten any bad news and I can't complain about a man right now ,I'm lacking in the inspiration department.
Think about it, why do us ladies love some Keyshia Cole and May J blige? Because they connect to us through the pain that we've all felt. This pain is our common denominator. Now we like love songs and happy songs but NOTHING beats a "my man did me wrong song" lol. And many artists reach their greatest creatice peak during times of extreme depression (ex: Picasso).

Now while I'm elated that I am happy in life right now, I am also finding it harder to write I guess I can make happier posts but I don't wanna feel all preachy. So there might be a slight change in my posts for least until someones pisses me off!

-thats what she said
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