Monday, April 13, 2009

Honesty is the Best Policy

I had a very interesting weekend. I chilled with a man friend of mine (who happens to read this blog!!) and we talked about music, sex, relationships, and our current boy/girl situations. Good times.

To be honest, we used to talk last year but we kinda fell apart because I got really stressed with juggling my internship and school work. Plus, the distance made it more difficult to keep in contact. But he is a great guy that I really did like. What I liked the most about him was his honesty. He always kept it funky from the beginning. For example, he told me that he was messing with a girl at his school when we were talking. His honesty was refreshing because I knew what to expect from him..I knew the he never disappointed me and my feelings were never hurt. I was confident in him liking me because he wouldn't lie about it. Some referred to him as an "asshole", actually he referred to himself as such, but I would rather him be that than a liar.

Now I'm involved with a guy (who doesn't read the blog) who I don't think is very honest. Actually, he is a liar. But I can't judge him because I have definitely lied to him before. But to be honest, I wish honesty was something that we had established in the beginning of our "friendship". Instead when we are together, we live in this fantasy world like its just the two of us when we know its not. I wish we were honest with each other. Now I get headaches because I have to assess everything he does to find some truth. If we had honesty, we would have limits instead of fantasies and feelings wouldn't be hurt, and there would be no disappointments.

Honestly, the truth does hurt. But, I miss that honesty. I need it. I appreciate it. Because when its the truth you want to hear...u don't doubt it for a second..and you r finally happy and secure. When he tells you he wants to be with you...he means it 110 percent.

That's what she said...

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  1. be careful, sometimes the truth hurts