Monday, June 1, 2009

How can I be polite...Your boyfriend's a Douchebag!

I am always the first person (usually at a dinner table) confessing that I don't have the best manners. Honestly its something that I'm working on. I believe manners are very important still although this generation doesn't seem to feel the same way.
I think that honesty (in a nice way) is a form of good manners. Especially when dealing with friends. A good friend will tell you if you have lipstick on your teeth, a good friend will tell you when you have hair sticking up like Alphalpha, a good friend will tell you if that dress is not "for you"....but is it a good friends' job to tell you if they don't like your boyfriend and why?

On one hand you just want to look out for your friend. You don't want to see them hurt and usually you just want to send them words of cautions. BUT we all know love makes people do crazy things and so this may cause the friend to take it too personal as if she's being attacked. Sometimes she will instead of investigating HIS motive and actions to see if you are right, she will start to mistrust YOU and feel that you are trying to run her relationship.
With that said do you risk a friendship and tell her the truth, or do you keep your mouth shut and watch her make mistake after mistake with this guy? Let's be honest YOU are going to be the one hearing about all this drama (which couldve been prevented). Also let's be honest again, even if you tell her you don't like him, chances are she will still be with him....seems like a lose/lose. I've definelty lost friends because of their boyfriend...but I guess at the end of the day, a REAL friend will respect your honesty and choose whatever she feels right. Why can't all my friends have amazing boyfriends?!? Lol
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