Thursday, April 23, 2009

Paying for Her....

This is not a blog about having a guy pay for us (although that is always a good thing). This is a blog about how sometimes Us women end up paying for all the mistakes, screw ups and just f'd up things done by his Ex girlfriend(s).
We must first go over the extremely FRAGILE state of the male ego. A lot of people believe that women are the weaker of the two sexes....WRONG! It is true we can become psycho paranoid suicidal hot messes.coms lol. And we get hurt, we get lied to, cheated on, straight up played used and abused. BUT we get over it for the most part. We carry that weight for a little while. The smart ones learn from there mistakes. Usually us women can go from a bad situation and recover when the time is right then allow ourselves to be vulnerable enough to try another relationship out despite the possibility of being played again.
This is harder for men. Especially when they loved a girl that did them wrong. Once you've truly broken a mans' heart, it may take a lifetime to repair. He is now damaged goods. Sure he can enter another relationship but thanks to HER he can never give %100 to a new relationship.
This is when you are paying for her. Looking thru my old journal, I realized that I seem to always get those damaged goods. I, like some of you am a genuine, honest, trustworthy person of my word. I feel like a pretty good catch. But I feel like guys would treat me as if I couldn't be trusted and that's a total insult to me and my character.
So basically my point is for the guys reading this is to realize that we are not all alike. We're not all out to play you guys. That's all.
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